US Pungmul is the manifestation of years of pungmul development in the United States. Pungmul ensembles can be found across the contiguous states, from California to New York, and from Minnesota to Georgia. With hundreds, perhaps thousands, of instrument players, it would be a shame not to share our experiences with each other.

The US Pungmul Archive accepts submissions of video, imagery, and documents of all types. All materials will be credited to their owners, and US Pungmul claims no legal ownership of material submitted to our editors. Submission, questions, and comments can be directed to our e-mail address at us.pungmul@gmail.com.


As a web resource, we have two primary objectives.

  1. We serve as a repository of videos, photographs, and documents describing the pungmul experience in the United States.
  2. We serve to make pungmul a shared and collective experience, turning this tradition of folk music into our tradition and creating a unique identity from it.

US Pungmul as a name has two meanings. The first indicates that this resource focuses on pungmul development in the United States, away from its cultural origins in Korea. The result of this process is the creation of a new identity and tradition for communities in the U.S. Documentation of this process is realized through the US Pungmul Archive.

The second meaning is found through breaking the name into two words: “us” and “pungmul”. By connecting traditional pungmul to us, as members of the Korean percussion community, we can share the collective experience of transforming this rich tradition. In the Korean language, this concept can be described as uri pungmul (우리풍물), meaning our pungmul.

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